School Leadership Council Formation. - RAC Itahari

Jointly With - The Help Nepal Appeal

2075-2-8 / 2018-05-22  |  
Venue : Samanta School Itahari


-To enhance an individuals Leadership skills and to improve unity among the students so that they do not face any problems during the future


100 school students from class 7-8

Project Detail

Rotarct club of Itahari and "The Help Nepal Appeal" jointly organised a School leadership council formation for the  students of grade 7 and 8 studying in Samata school. The two trainers from Australia and Netherland respectievely cooperated very well by providing the students the knowledge for what it takes to be a leader. Various activities were done by the members of Rotaract club to inteact with the students. The students were given various task in the first day and among 100 students ten students were selected on the Second day based on their activity. Even the teachers were given various task and among them two of them got selected and will be the representative of the school. 5 leaders were selected among the ten based on the task which focused on creativity,feasibility etc. 

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