Fellicitation of Rotaractors 2015/16 - RAC Manipal College of Medical Sciences

2075-4-15 / 2018-07-31  |  
Venue : Community Medicine Basement Hall, Manipal Teaching Hospital


1. Farewell to Rotaractors of Rota Year 2015/16.

2. Interaction among the Rotaractors of rota year 2015/16, 17/18  , 18/19.

3. Discussion on the observation of World Breast Feeding Week.


Project Detail

The Program was commenced by secretary Rtr.Parash Kunwar. And with welcoming of the chief Guest Prof. A.L.Sharma and dignitaries the floor was given to the president. After that the General Meeting was commenced with the agenda of Observing World Breastfeeding week. After that Fellicitation program commenced. The Certificate and medal was given to Rotaractors of RY 2015/16. And then program was concluded with the speech of the Chief Guest.,PP and IPP.


Additional Photos

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