First club assembly - RAC Birgunj Metropolis

2075-4-19 / 2018-08-04  |  
Venue : Prakash Dance Studio


The major objectives were:

1.To make planning for the past half of rota year 2018/19

2. Fellowship

3. Membership increment


Members of RAC Birgunj Metropolis

Project Detail

The general meeting was started at sharp 8 a.m. ,4th of August at Prakash Dance stufio. The meeting was chaired by President Rtr Amit Sharma. The report of Rota year 2017/18 and 2018/19 was presented by respective secretary,treasurer and various avenues directors. Finally,calendar  and by laws were handovered to members for signatures. At the end,we had cake cutting ceremony on the behalf of Friendship day celebration.

Additional Photos

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