Dashain Greeting Exchange and Barbecue Program

2075-6-27 / 2018-10-13
Venue : Chakati - Grill & Bar Resturant, Bansbari (Same venue as Chaur Recreational Centre)

Event Highlights:

-Dashain Greeting Exchange -Barbecue -Open mic session

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/293530931252338/

Event Detail

Dashain, our main festival is all about gathering with our loved ones, having a great time together and exchanging well wishes among one another. And with the festival just around the corner, we have planned a special “Dashain Greeting Exchange and Barbecue Program”. We believe that this gathering will strengthen the bond between our Rotaract fraternity and what better way to do it other than at a drool-worthy Barbecue Program? The program will consist of open mic session for that talent hidden inside you. Guitar, Cajon will be available and the floor will be open for all participating members. Do come prepared!

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