Changa Chait

2076-6-4 / 2019-09-21
Venue :

Chobar, Kirtipur

Event Highlights:

Games, Kid Friendly

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Event Detail

The weather, chaos and the cold breeze hitting us everyday says “the festival is back again”. The green field full of grains, the renovated houses, the tika and the jamaras and the flower that blooms in our gamalas, it’s finally here. The biggest of them all “Dashain” is here. So continuing the culture we are back again with "Changa Chait" where you can relive your childhood memories and feel nostalgic. Besides kite flying, the event also brings to you some exciting games like bingo, treasure hunt and many more. Let’s play, dance, eat and celebrate this festival together. So come and join us and don’t forget to bring your lattai and dhago to experience the greatest changa battle of the year.

Organized by: RAC Sainbu Bhainsepati RAC Kopundol and RAC Kathmandu West

Time: 11:00 am-5:00 pm

Let's Changa Chait!!!!!

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