Message from R.I. President

Dear District 3292 Rotaractors:
It is my pleasure to send greetings to you as you approach your 2017-18 year of service.
For half a century, Rotaract has been a tremendous asset to Rotary, and to the communities that we serve together. It is my strong belief that a Rotary club that sponsors a Rotaract club is better off in every way than one that does not. Rotaract is much more than the future of Rotary, it is the present, and the future, of our communities. Through Rotaract, each of you has the opportunity to serve, to lead, and to discover the friendship that can only come from serving together. It is my hope, and my wish for all of you, that the satisfaction that you have found in Rotaract service will inspire you to continue on to a lifetime of service, in Rotary and beyond.
Each of us chooses how to best use our talents and opportunities to make a difference, but through Rotary we’re united by our common principles, our insistence on ethics, and our commitment to Service Above Self. And we know that we can do more together than we could ever hope to do alone. So let’s work together and find new opportunities to make a sustainable impact for our world, in our communities, and in the lives of others as one family of Rotary: Making a Difference.
I wish you all the best for many more years of creative, engaging, and productive service to come.
Ian Riseley
President, Rotary International 2017-18

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