Message from District Governor 2018-19

Dear DRR Saugat Gautam,

My wife Lelina joins me to congratulate you for assuming the responsibility of DRR for the year 2018/19. We wish you and your team a successful tenure in setting an example to “be the inspiration” for others as RI President Barry Rassin expects from all of us. In the meantime, we would like to congratulate outgoing Rotaract leader and team for their successful year of service.

Fellow Rotaractors, Rotary International, the leading humanitarian organisation has been successful in maintaining its image in the world arena because the organization and its members carry - service, fellowship, diversity, Integrity and Leadership as its core values. Adherence to these values in our regular activities and our daily life is what makes Rotary and Rotary fraternity different from other service organisations.

Friends, you are at the stage of establishing yourself in your vocation and profession I urge you to try to inculcate those values within you and promote around your communities and stand tall at any place you represent. That effort will put yourself in a distinct track where there is less competition.

Success,’ as we all understand is in finding our passion, devoting ourself to it, putting extra and persistence efforts, developing some extraordinary skill and squeezing every drop of the opportunity that comes our way.

The values that we carry, apply and promote in the communities and within ourselves slowly and steadily help us to build that extraordinary capacity as a key to success. This year and beyond I would like to appeal all the fellow Rotaract’s to reach out and get connected with the community around you, identify their need, priorities and inspire them towards fulfilling those needs, one at a time; explore and invent the method and required resources through Rotary Club and it’s network and builds the hope that is eternal in every human being so that everyone around us will believe in the power of working together. Let us inspire everyone around us and “Be the Inspiration”. Have a wonderful Rota year. Thank you.

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