Message from DRR 2017-18

Dear President Rtr………

& Fellow Rotaractors

Rotaract Club Of ………………



Congratulations for your remarkable leadership & accomplishments during the term 2016-17 which has made Rotaract Nepal stronger and more proud than ever before. Rotaract Nepal is privileged to have strong assembly of thoughtful and committed leaders and well wishers. I thank you not just today, but every day, for standing your hearts and opening your world to another who needs you.

The year gone by has taken our District to greater heights not known before and on behalf of all of us I would like to congratulate IPDRR Rtr. Sushil Kr. Karki & his entire team for the praiseworthy job.

While declaring the theme ”Rotary: Making A Difference” for 2017-18, RI President Rtn. Ian H.S. Riseley also invited us to be ready to answer the question, “What it Rotary?” with our actions, by making a difference through our service and leadership.

Rotaract is such generous and kind hearted family that has space & something for everyone, everyone can contribute, grow & help other grow. The term of any leadership, it hasn’t fixed everything. As much as they’ve done, there’s still so much we want to do next year; new partnership to establish, broaden our service, enlighten our Public Image, promote our signature projects, strengthen our clubs, focus our intervention in water and education issues and many more.

I became member of family nearly a decade back, since then I had an extraordinary privilege of travelling across the country, in more than 95 clubs, as I have rejoiced with you, mourned with you. The most beautiful experience for me was meeting with dedicated & compassionate leaders, speaking out for the values of decency & respect & humility that we all should have, our Leaders of all background and walks of life, believing that one decent Rotaract leader can always do better and be better. This world is everyday challenging us to do that. And just imagine how much powerful and complete you would be as a person if you are filled with the hope in the possibilities & potential of this movement.

And leaders, you can always be a positive force in your communities and when you encounter obstacles while you are struggling and you start thinking about giving up, I would ask you to be filled with empathy, empathy for our great movement, the generous, big hearted, family. I want you to remember that something about the founders of our family since they started this journey with very little that has carried us through every moment within this family, in every moment of our lives for last 111 years, that is the power of hope, that is what hope is all about.

let us summon a spirit of empathy of our responsibility for community & our fraternity, where each of us resolves to pitch in and serve harder and look after not only ourselves but also each other.

I also welcome each of you as a member of the team to 2017-18, a new chapter where each of us will serve hard as one Rotaractor, one family & one team towards our common destiny of making a difference, building hope & make our movement & community grateful of what we do.


Fellows, I extend my best wishes to have a memorable and remarkable year 2017-18




Rtr. Hari Chandra Satyal

District Rotaract Representative 2017-18

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