Rotaract in Nepal

With the Charter of Rotaract Club of Birgunj in 1991 a seed was sowed for the Rotaract Tree to grow in Nepal. It took some time to take for the Rotaract Movement to take its shape. Though it started in 1993, Rotaract Clubs in Nepal became active and effective only since 1998. With continuous efforts and exercises of positive leadership now it has a strong networking district committee set up to look after affairs of the club activities in Nepal. Rotaract movement in Nepal was initially a part of Rotary International District 3290 which was composed of parts of West Bengal and Andaman and Nicobar Island.

Nepal started to function as an automonous body since 2005 though it was a part of RID 3290 under the leadership of Mr. Avash Piya. It has also created another history with achievement of prestigious position of First and the Last DRR Mr. Anil Shrestha representing Nepal in RI District 3290 for year 2007-08, the last year before Nepal operated as a separate district 3292 and the other one being a separate district 3291. With around 50 clubs, RI District 3292 started under the leadership of Mr. Rajan Piya.  It’s the 5th year that Nepal has a separate district and we already have the club strength of 86 Rotaract Clubs and over 2500 Rotaractors from Biratnagar in the eastern and Butwal in the western parts of Nepal. Form this year RID 3292 has extended its territory up to Bhutan as well. So, RID 3292 is now Nepal and Bhutan. The Spirits of Rotaractors is prospering in a huge scale and we have been able to mark its presence in the various international arenas as well.

Till today there are 93 Rotaract clubs functioning throughout Nepal. Approximately there are 3000 Rotaractors with prospect of having first ever Rotaract club is Bhutan as well.

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