DRR Visit - RAC Kopundol

2016-04-30 / 2016-04-30  |   16
Venue : DAV College, Jawalakhel
Type : Hosted


DRR Visit


Project Detail

DRR visit is one of the essential activities of rotaract clubs. DRR Visit is conducted at the end of the tenure most of the times. The main purpose of the visit by district rotaract representative in club is to monitor happenings,events and activities as well as to give feedbacks to the club. The visit was made in 30 April, 3016.

The visit was made by two district officials: Rtr Samir Nepal-DRR RID 3292 and Rtr Suraj Poudel-District Secretary. The meeting commenced at 12 noon. There were altogether 14 members. The activities under all the major 4 avenues were evaluated by Rtr Samir and Rtr Suraj. We were given various suggestions as there were rooms of improvements regarding several aspects of RAC Kopundol. The meeting was a success. Later..make up cards were given to visiting officials and meeting was adjourned.

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