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Venue : Kosheli Foundation
Type : Hosted


Interaction with the students of Kosheli Foundation and celebration of Tihar


Project Detail

On the occasion of festival of lights, an event 'Ramailo Tihar' was organized by Rotaract club of  Kopundol to celebrate Deepawali, spreading lights and joy, among the children of Kosheli Foundation.The event was planned to be organized as such, that students of the school were not only entertained with musical performances, but also taught different forms of arts and crafts.

 Ramilo Tihar, was also organized to share general knowledge about the festival itself: letting the children know their culture more better than they had before. This event was more of an opportunity to interact with the children as we shared, and received  mutual warmth and affection.

The event was organized on 28th October 2016, the first day of Tihar, also known as Kag Tihar.  Ramilo Tihar was organized in Koseli Foundation situated in Minbhawan, Kathmandu. Koseli foundation is a school for those  kids who come from the poorest part of the nation. The foundation not only educates these children, but  also takes care of their hygiene, nutrition, clothing, medical and recreational needs.

Currently, there are about 150 students studying in the school, but sadly because maximum student were gone for their Dashain Vacation, only 47 students were present during the event. Our event ' Ramailo Tihar', started from 10:30am that day, with rangoli making. Children studying in grades above 1 all excitedly took part in the activity. Children were divided into three groups, each group made their respective rangoli, under the guidance of our fellow Rotracters.

While the rangoli session commenced, the junior classes of  LKG, UKG, and one were taught, to make greeting cards, paper roses, and to paint diyos, which Children thoroughly enjoyed. Children loved decorating their respective art and craft work with various color, as they flaunted their achievements to each other. After wrapping up with all the Art and Craft activities at 12:00 noon, musical program was held, which kicked off  with the special performance, by the children. Dance group (Rosni Lama, Swostika Lama, Salina Adhikari, Kusum Poudel, Mamta Jemmi, Ranjana Tamang ,Rohan shrestha, Nishan Siwa, Ashesh Bhattarai ) from our club also performed their dance numbers. A quiz session soon followed after the dance performances ended. Quiz session was  where  we shared information about Tihar, and knowledge about our culture. Those students who  answered correctly were rewarded  with chocolates. Every children present during the program was distributed with chocolates. Children happily took the chocolates, and then sang 'Deusi', followed by our Rotracters, thereby, ending the short program by 2:00pm

All in all, Ramilo Tihar was indeed a fun event, which spread  happiness and joy among every participants present during the event, be it the children or the rotaractors ourselves. The event had founded a new friendship between Rotaract club of Kopundol, and Kosheli foundation.








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