First aid training - RAC Patan West

Jointly With - RAC Chandragiri & RAC Sainbu Bhainsepati

2074-5-25 / 2017-09-10  |  
Venue : Shree Chandi Saral Aadarsa


To make students aware about the first aid administration technique.


Students class 8 & 9 of Shree Chandi Saral Aadarsa School

Project Detail

First-Aid refers to the treatment provided to the victim using local available resources or things before the arrival of ambulance or taking victim to hospital.
Here, before and after the administration of aid, victim’s “Na-Chaa-Che” must be examined.
Na= Naadi (Nerves)
Chaa= Chaal (Movement)
Che= Chetana Shakti (Consciousness)

 International First-Aid Administration Training Campaign was conducted jointly by 3 clubs (RAC Chandragiri, RAC Patan West & RAC Sainbu Bhainsepati) of Zone 8 on September 10.

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