Suicide Awareness - RAC Patan West

Jointly With - Nirvana Psychological Care Center & Research Institute, RAC Chandragiri & RAC Sainbu Bhainsepati

2074-5-25 / 2017-09-10  |  
Venue : Shree Chandi Saral Aadarsa School


To aware staffs about suicide and its Prevention measures


Teachers of Shree Chandi Saral Aadarsha School

Project Detail

How much time does it take to die/Kill yourself?
Just 4 minutes!
Within this 4 minutes a person goes through 3 different stages: Suicide Ideation- Suicide Attempting- Suicide .
If He/She is Intervened during Suicide Ideation stage or Suicide attempting stage, Suicide is 100% Preventable
You don't need to be doctor to save a life, you can save a life just by listening to the People.

Take a Minute- Change a Life!

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