Joint Meeting With Rotary Club of Butwal South - RAC Tinau City

Jointly With - RC Butwal South

2074-7-25 / 2017-11-11  |  
Venue : Rotary Building Devinagar


To enhance the relationship with Sponser Club 


Project Detail

Rotaract Club of tinau city successfully concluded its joint meeting with Rotary Club of Butwal South under the Presidents ship of Rtr. Umanath Adhikari of Rotaract Club of Tinau City(Regulars meeting No: 19) and President Rtn Taranath kandel of Rotary Club of Butwal South( Regular meeting No: 818) with Various discussion and preparation about upcoming event and project of Both club.
Total presence: 44
Program Hosted by: Rotaract Club Of Tinau City& Rotary Club of Butwal South

Thanks all of you for your Coordination in the meeting

Additional Photos

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