Rotary Youth Leadership Award - RAC Dharan

Jointly With - Rotary Club of Dharan

2074-9-23 / 2018-01-07  |  
Venue : Eureka Residential Higher Secondary School, Dharan


Since RYLA is a leadership Trainning Award, we conducted different leadership trainning and professional devilopment sessions to the participaints for their personal and professional development in their life which plays a vital role in improvemt of skills and trainning motivating them to live life in a real life rather then real life including entertainment, cultural programs and refreshment sessions particularly conducted by RAC Dharan.


Trainnings from different organizations and leading personalities from different feild shared their views news and ideas to the participants to add pros and erase cons in their life which could benifit in different steps of life. 

Project Detail

3 Nights 4 days RYLA event hosted by RC Dharan conducted different sessions and entertainment programs followed by fellowship, cultural programs and refreshment. Main highlights of the sessions conducted were:

Chase Your Dream Hiking Polio Peace Rally Our Quest For Happiness You as a Leader Health Exercise For Youth Who am I Yoga Meditation Career Councelling for Career Path Be The Best You Drugs in Social Impact Earthquake Preparedness

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