Joint Meeting With Twin Club - RAC Tilottama Rupandehi

Jointly With - Rotaract Club of Newroad Pokhara

2074-5-30 / 2017-09-15  |  
Venue : Cloud 9, CHipledhunga ,Pokhara


To increase bonding with twin club.

To discuss about various joint projects.


Both Clubs

Project Detail

Rotaract Club of Tilottama Rupandehi succesfully conducted the joint meeting with it's twin club Rotaract Club of Newroad Pokhara under the presidentship of Rtr. Bikram Chhetri (RAC Tilottama Rupandehi) and Rtr. Roniya Gurung ( RAC Newroad Pokhara). Alltogether eight members were present from RAC Tilottama Rupandehi in the meeting. Our proposed member Rtr Sagar Khatri along with members from RAC Newroad Pokhara got membership and the Rotaract Pin in the meeting. 

Additional Photos

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