Distribution of Clothes and daily necessary things - RAC Kakarvita

Jointly With - Hong Kong Student Association

2074-10-17 / 2018-01-31  |  
Venue : Mechinagar-06, satighatta


To Faciliate the needy families working at tea estate of Satighatta area with Clothes and other necessary daily needed things.


30 Families residing in that particular area.

Project Detail

On dated 31st January 2018, Rotaract Club Of Kakarvitta in association with Hongkong Student Association Distributed the clothes and other daily necessary things like oil, comb, soap, tooth brush, Tooth Paste, Slippers, Socks Etc. to 30 families residing at satighatta in the presence of local community people, representative of Hongkong Student Association and Rotaract Club Of kakarvitts's Secretary Rtr. Nitesh kr. Singh Rajput along with Community Service Chair Rtr. Roshan K,C.

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