Installation ceremonoy of Rac Dharan Ghopa - RAC Biratnagar

2075-3-7 / 2018-06-21  |  
Venue : Auditorium Hall, BPKIHS, Dharan


Fellowship and Building Relationships.


Project Detail

On 21st June Rac Dharan Ghopa had installation ceremony in Auditorium Hall, BPKIHS, Dharan where Rtr Vibek Mehta was installed as president of the year 2018/19 . There was Presence of Rtn Mukesh Agrawal( President of Rotary club of Dharan Ghopa ) as well as ZRR 1 Rtr Sharad Joshi and many other Dignotories.

The president theme for the year is Anspiring Change, Building Leaders. 

Altogether we 6 members Participated from Rac Brt and the programme was followed with Fellowship Dinner.

Additional Photos

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