67 Minutes- Nelson Mandela Day 2018 - RAC Sainbu Bhainsepati

Jointly With - RAC Dombivli Mid-Town Youth , RID 3142

2075-4-7 / 2018-07-23  |  
Venue : Shree Kamadhenu Secondary School,Naikhandi,Kathmandu,Nepal


To Celebrate " Nelson Mandela Day -2018". To motivate children by learning about great personality in the world


Project Detail

All the members of RAC Sainbu Bhainsepati gathered in Bhainsepati and at 12pm. We left from bhainsepati and reached our Special Area Project (SAP) " Shree Kamdhenu Secondary School" at 1pm. We met the the honourable principal and discuss about the project in detail. We started the event at 2:30pm .Rtr Saleem Thapa gave a presentation on Nelson Mandela's Life Story and his contribution for 15 minutes while other members conducted team building session with fun games like "Blind- Folded Drawing Competition" and " Blow  the ball" which helped students to work as team.We distributed small prize for the winners and every praticipant.This event was initiated by "RAC Dombivli Midtown Youth, RID 3142" and hosted by 67 differents clubs from various countries.This event helped us to contribute some motivation among the students and we got chance to contribute our community with the help of this project.

Additional Photos

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