Green Hands - RAC Sainbu Bhainsepati

2075-4-7 / 2018-07-23  |  
Venue : Shree Kamadhenu Secondary School,Naikhandi,Kathmandu,Nepal


To be a part of SEARIC MDIO project

To plant saplings in SAP (Special Area Project)



Project Detail

All the members of Rotaract Club of Sainbu Bhainsepati gathered at 12 pm. We left to SAP i.e. Shree Kamadhenu Secondary School with two projects ’67 minutes’ to celebrate Nelson Mandela Day and Green Hands. Green hand was preceded after finishing the first project. We allowed the students to participate to plant the saplings along with the member of Rotaracters. We planted 15 saplings around the school area. The saplings were given by National Nursery without a cost.

Overall the project was fruitful and successful. The enthusiasm and interest shown by students were exemplary. The students were handed the responsibility to care the planted saplings.

Additional Photos

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