Installation Ceremony 2018-19 - RAC Sainbu Bhainsepati

2075-4-12 / 2018-07-28  |  
Venue : National Society for Earthquake Society (NSET), Sainbu Bhainsepati


To welcome new president and board of directors of Rota-Year 2018-19

To show all the parents what their children have done in whole year.

Recoginition to all the club members.


Project Detail

On the event day, the members were requested to present themselves in formal attire. Additionally, the members were requested to be available on the venue one hour prior to the event. The female members wore sari, and their counterparts wore suit. Registration was open at 1:00 PM and all attendees had to take a photograph with all the rotaractors at the end of registration, process to symbolize the participation. The event commenced with the national anthem. The dignitaries for the installation were Rotary Club of Sainbu Bhainsepati's President Rtn Madan Mahat,  District Professional Development Director Rtr Abin Tuladhar, Immediate Past President of Rotaract Club of Sainbu Bhaisepati Rtr Sagar Thapa and Incomming President of Rotaract Club of Sainbu Bhainsepati Rtr Anish Manandhar.

The welcome speech was delivered by our Immediate Past President Rtr.Sagar Thapa. He thanked all the participants and reveled and transforming values and strength into key successful projects that had done by club. Incoming president Rtr. Anish Manandar called the entire member for the certificate distribution and other members for token of appreciation. Then the oath was taken and batches were provided to the newly appointed board members. There was a after party after the event, and all the members went to old school restaurant to celebrate.

As a whole the event was sucessfully conducted keeping in mind the loop holes we faced previous year. We hope to conduct the upcoming event sucessfully like this in our  near future.

Additional Photos

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