Mehendi for Charity - RAC Biratnagar Down Town

Jointly With - Rotary Club of Biratnagar Downtown

2075-4-26 / 2018-08-11  |  
Venue : Atithi Sadan, Biratnagar


1. Raise the fund of our club

2. Celebrate shrawan 

3. Organize a joint program with Rotary


Club members and visitors

Project Detail

The month of shrawan is celebrated as month for green. Mehendi is one of the major component for the whole month. So, as a fundraiser programme, Rotaract Club of Biratnagar Downtown organized mehendi party at Shrawan mela jointly with Rotary Club of Biratnagar Downtown at Atithi sadan, Biratnagar. There was a presence of huge crowd in the mela. The interests shown by the people at mela on mehendi stall was motivating. There were 20 satisfied and happy customers who donated us a satisfactory amount which will be used for a good cause to make difference in the community.

Special thanks to Rtr. Simran Shrestha, Rtr. IsHå KãrKï and Rtr. Sujata Kumai for making the event successful.

Co-ordinator : Rtr Sourav Mundhara

Additional Photos

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