Futsal - RAC Sainbu Bhainsepati

Jointly With - Rotaract Club of Bhaktapur

2075-5-16 / 2018-09-01  |  
Venue : Jawalakhel, Nepal


To enhance good relationship through friendly futsal match between fellow Rotaract club of Bhaktpur. To meet and greet the members of RC Bhaktpur.



Project Detail

We, Rotaract Club of Sainbu Bhainsepati along with Rotaract Club of Bhaktpur enjoyed a friendly Futsal match with the main motive of togetherness and creating understanding between two clubs. The match mostly went one sided with the dominating performance from Rotaract club of bhaktpur leading by 6 goals. Of course we had to bear defeat but it was rather an excellent opportunity to meet and greet our fellow Rotaractors. After that we went to burger house for the birthday celebration of Rtr Rubina Thapa, Rtr Sameep Pokhrel and Rtr Saleem Thapa along with Rotaract Club of Bhaktapur. Hence the day was very much productive with cherish and joy in all our members.

Additional Photos

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