Surprise Farewell to Rtr. Ashutosh Shrestha - RAC Patan West

2075-5-8 / 2018-08-24  |  
Venue : Cafe de Patan, Mangalbajar


Rtr. Ashutosh Shrestha, General member of RAC Patan West since RY 2017-18, has been an active member of the Rotaract Club of Patan West. During his short time in the club, he has contributed a lot of his time and effort in club activities. We wanted to show him how glad we were to have him and would love to have him after he successfully completes his higher studies in the U.S. 


Rtr. Ashutosh Shrestha and RAC Patan West family

Project Detail

A meeting was held on August 24, 2018, Friday at Cafe de Patan. The meeting started at 5:00 pm and lasted 1 hour 30 minutes where agendas where discussed and Rtr. Ashutosh Shrestha, who was their to bid his farewell, received a sweet surprise from his fellow rotaractors. All of us shared memorable moments with Rtr. Ashutosh and a farewell cake was cut. 

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