Drinking Water Distribution at Nilbarahi Nach Bode - RAC Madhyapur

Jointly With - Rotary Club Of Madhyapur

2075-5-15 / 2018-08-31  |  
Venue : Bode


the main objective of the project was to provide clean drinking water to the devotees present in the jatra and the other objective was to create impact of rotaract club to the people of bode.


people who attended the jatra

Project Detail

We distriduted drinking water as well as juice to the devotees present in the jatra. People were over wemlingly excited about the project and the response of the people was good so the members were excited to continue the project next year as well. 15 members volunteerily worked for the project and to make impact on the society.

We distributed around 19 jars of drinking water in the jatra and we were supported by different organization of bode Nepanet digital network, North point mall, North point futsal, shree pacho ganesh sacoos as well as our parent club Rotary Club of Madhyapur.

Additional Photos

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