International Literacy Day - RAC Biratnagar

Jointly With - Rotaract Club of Hyderabad Himayatnagar, Dist. 3150

2075-5-23 / 2018-09-08  |  
Venue : Sri Janta Bal A. Bidyalaya, Jahada-1, Dhuni Morang


The main objective of this event was to help the underprivileged students with some basic stationary materials that could assist them in reaching their goal, at least to some extent. There are lots of several students that are deprived of education or leave their studies in between. We believe small gestures like this from everyone would help these children to gain knowledge and education, and prepare the future of our nation.


The major beneficiaries of this project were the students of Sri Janta Bal A. Bidyalaya situated at Jahada-1, Dhuni Morang. These students were distributed the stationery materials collected from different persons, local vendors.

Project Detail

  International Literacy Day 2018 (Share, Care, Smile)

Focusing on this years' theme of International Literacy Day ‘Literacy and skills development’, we, Rotaract club of Biratnagar jointly with Rotaract Club Of Himayath nagar, RID 3150, organized an event to help some of the underprivileged students of the society. This is a flagship project, jointly organized by RAC Hyderabad Himayathnagar, RID 3150.

We went to Sri Janta Bal A. Bidyalaya in Jahada-1, Dhuni Morang where we distributed several stationery materials to 150 students of different standards. A set of 4 pcs notebook, 2 pcs pencil, 1pcs pen, 1 pcs pencil box, 2pcs of candy and 1 pcs of fiber bag was given to all 150 students studying in the school. Further, along with members of RAC Biratnagar, our interact club - "Interact Club Of Annapurna" too made their active participation to make this event successful.  We would also like to thank the Principal of the school who helped us to conduct the event.

Besides, we had a small interaction with the students. The interaction was so to motivate students to continue their studies, no matter how many hurdles comes on the way. 

We are thankful to all the supporting hands like Shyam stationary Udhyog, Saraswati Pencils, ACS Nepal and all the others who helped us to collect these materials directly or indirectly. 

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