Team Building Session for Changa Chait - RAC Sainbu Bhainsepati

2075-6-6 / 2018-09-22  |  
Venue : NSET


To have an effective planning of Changa Chait in order to have a better team coordination to enhance the quality of work. 


Project Detail

After the successful completion of last Changa Chait's RC Sainbu Bhainsepati went back to the drawing board and decided to make some advancement and also decided to work on the weak points of the Changa Chait program. The Team building Session was held on 22nd September 2018 after the general meeting. The Session was taken by Rtr. Sameep Pokhrel, Dawa Tsering Sherpa, Binamra Shrestha and Sagar Thapa. The main objective of the program was to have an effective planning of the upcoming project Changa Chait. In the program, we were formed into four groups and each team were given a paper. The facilitators gave instruction that each team must discuss among the team members about how Changa Chait could be done in a better way through learning from the past Changa Chaits. The team members came up with several ideas and presentation was done by each team. During the presentation, each teams showed how Changa chait could be done. Furthermore, the presentation included Requirement gathering, timeframes, logistics, communication, registration, promotion, marketing, Expenses, venue and Team formation and team coordination.

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