Teej Celebration & Food Feeding Program at Orphan Centre - RAC Rupandehi

2075-5-25 / 2018-09-10  |  
Venue : Nepal Abinash Anaath Ashram, Kotihawa, Rupandehi


1) To celebrate  Teej Programs with orphans.

2) To make orphan children a sense of belongingness & fun.

3) To help them with stationary items, etc.


Orphan children of Nepal Abinash Anaath Ashram.

Project Detail

Nepal abinash Anath Ashram, one of the SAP area of Rac Rupandehi, is located at Kotihawa, Rupandehi. As its yearly project, Rac Rupandehi celebrate TEEJ CELEBRATION & FOOD FEEDING PROGRAM there with orphans. The club organizes feeding program to around 25 orphan children there & organized dance program for orphans. Besides this, Stationary items were handovered to the Chairman of Orphan Center Mr. Krishna Prasad Gyawali from side of club. The program was success in presence of Rotarians of RC Rupandehi & Rotaractors of Rac Rupandehi.

Besides Teej Celebration, RAC Rupandehi conducts around 4-5 program there yearly focusing on literacy, food feeding, distribution of necessssary items & fun tools, etc.

Additional Photos

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