Letterhead exchange program with RI district 2220 moscow,Russia - RAC Central Butwal

Jointly With - Rotaract club of Moscow Capital

2075-6-11 / 2018-09-27  |  
Venue : Moscow,Russia


Rotaract club of Central butwal`s Secretary Rtr.Bal Krishna Pokhrel Visited Moscow Russia and met the District Rotaract representative of RI district 2220 Moscow,Russia and members of Rotaract club of Moscow capital.
The main objective was to exchange the letterhead and discuss further about the work that Rac 
Central butwal and Rac moscow capital is doing for the betterment of Society.
Further keeping the moto Fellowship through service further discussed about the work both can further do together.


Project Detail

Rac central butwal`s Secretary Rtr.Bala Krishna Pokherel  visited Moscow,Russia.
Met with the District Rotaract Reprisentative of RI district 2220 and members of Rac Moscow capital.
Exchanged the Letterhead and Club`s Friendship flag.

Additional Photos

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