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2075-6-5 / 2018-09-21  |  
Venue : Butwal ,Milanchowk


1. Extend fellowship and to be devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and amongst all nations and people. 

2. Celebrate together to signify that we hold a common perspective of peace and prosperous society.

3. Learn more about the situations and issues that exist in our societies and communicate about what we are doing and can do from our personal level to improve the situations.

4. Unite every club under the same banner to signify our common wish for peace.



Every Participants over there  

Project Detail

World Peace Day was celebrated on 21st Sepetember 2018 at different venues by different clubs under the same banner. This day was marked by United Nations to be devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and amongst all nations and people. Their theme for this year was "The Right to Peace ".

The project was initiated by RAC Patan jointly with 33 inter district clubs, 11 international clubs, 2 clubs outside rotaract, under the same banner at different location

20 members from RAC Butwal South participated in the celebration that was held in Milanchowk. we lit the diyos and made the rotaract logo from the diyos and marked the peace day with fellowships and entertainments.


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