“Importance of Physical Fitness for Youth Rotaractors'' - RAC Butwal South

2075-5-30 / 2018-09-15  |  
Venue : Rotary Community Building


Importance of Physical Fitness       
            1: Superiority of how to make body fit  
            2. Timing for the breakfast , lunch , dinner

             3:  About body fitnes

             4: About how to make  body active and healthy 

              5..Beautiful story ,what he achieved, experienced and discovered . .


Our club Past Presidents , Board Members , General Memebrs   

Project Detail

 Rotaract Club of Butwal South  Concluded One day Program on “Importance of Physical Fitness for Youth Rotaractors” On the Grand Presence of Past President Rtn Jeevan Gautam on the chairing of Rotaract Club of Butwal South President Rtr Prakash Kharel 
. The Speaker of the Program was Instructor/Director Mr Bijendra Man Shrestha Butwal Finesss and Gym Center.
He started the journey in BS 2050 till then he had told a beautiful story ,what he achieved, experienced and discovered .He motivated the youth like us to Keep the body healthy and fit .Also he said not only by Keeping body is healthy.You should eat morning breakfast lunch ,Dinner on time to time it will also keep your body healthy and fit.Starting from Butwal and presenting in various National and International games he had told many Experience about several titles and awards.
All the Rotaractors Members were happy to learn New things about Fitness and Also they asked many questions about fitness how to be and what to do ? .The Program was adjourned at 1 hours .

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