Dashain Get Together - RAC Patan Durbar Square

2075-6-27 / 2018-10-13  |  
Venue : Sallaghari, Bhaktapur (Presidents Residence)


1. To celebrate the great festival Dashain

2. To strenthen the bond of friendship among the members and alumini members.



Club Members

Project Detail

Dashain Get together was organized to celebrate the great festival Dashain, exchange greetings among members and past members. It is an annual project which is mainly organized to strengthen the bond between members. It was celebrated at Sallaghari, Bhaktapur at the Presidents residence.

Early morning everyone gathered at the venue, few members went for shopping for the day, rest for busy preparing food items. Rtr. Reziya and Rtr. Bivek were the main chefs for the day. Everyone assisted them. Every item for the day was made ready by the noon. It was fun preparing food items together.

In the afternoon, rotaractors had dancing and musical sessions. Some of them were busy flying kites while others played cards. Overall, the day was a fun filled day.

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