Career Planning Workshop - RAC Patan

Jointly With - Rotaract Club of Yala, Rotaract Club of Patan West

2075-7-10 / 2018-10-27  |  
Venue : St. Xavier's School, Jawlakhel, Lalitpur


To talk about the right time to plan a career and to discuss the methods of career planning


Students and Working Professionals

Project Detail

The workshop was facilitated by Rtn. Prafulla Man Singh Pradhan . He talked about how external factors like family, society, environment, and so on can affect a person's career choice. He emphasized that being influenced is not a bad thing but one should always opt for a career that makes them the happiest.

The workshop started with introduction of the participants and their expectations from the workshop. After that the overview of the session was given and experiences of the participants were shared.

After that, the techniques of figuring out problems in our career were shared by the resource person. The concepts of problem tree , objective tree and Johari window were introduced among the participants. Six thinking hats and creative ways to solve a problem were also discussed.

The workshop ended with a career planning exercise where participants made a 5-year career plan by analyzing their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges. Rtn. Prafulla ended his session by highlighting the importance of career planning after 50's. He encouraged the participants to not only build a strong career for themselves but also to help their parents make a career after their 50's. He stressed on why it is important for an individual to be independent even after they retire and why it is important to have a clear career plan to achieve that.

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