Participation in Nagar Cleaning Campaign - RAC Rupandehi

2075-6-15 / 2018-10-01  |  
Venue : All the wards of Tilottama Municipality


1. To clean wastes around the road of all wards of Tilottama Municipality.

2. To aware people about the importance of cleaning campaign.

3. To aware people about the effective disposals of wastes in an appropriate way.


All the publics of Tilottama Municipality

Project Detail

"Tilottama Nagar Cleaning Campaign" was organized by Tilottama Municipality on date 1st Oct 2018.The program was held on all wards of Tilottama Municipality at the same time. In this mega cleaning campaign, we rotaractors from rotaract club of Rupandehi also joined the Mega cleaning campaign & invest our effort to make a clean municipality. As the campaign was organized with the motto of the municipality " Clean Tilottama, Green Tilottama", we Rotaract club of Rupandehi also actively participated to meet the motto.

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