Orientation Program and 9th General Meeting at Deep Campus - RAC Manipal College of Medical Sciences

2075-8-8 / 2018-11-24  |  
Venue : Deep Campus, Deep Heights Pokhara


Orientation about the Rotary , Rotaract and Rotaract Movements.

Scenario of Rotaract Manipal in District 3292 and Zone IV.


All the Rotaractors , Rotarians and newly proposed Rotaractors.

Project Detail

The program commenced as the 9th regular General Meeting of the club and on the floor session it was provided to IPP Rtr. More Kafle who highlighted about the Rotaract Manipal and the activities and time management we can have as a Medical Student . Also RTN Subash Sigdel Chief Guest of the program and Assistant District Secretary highlighted on the Rotary Rotaract and Rotaract Movements.  It was a good session along with the use if the multimedia. Then the floor was provided to ZS Rtr. Prawesh Gautam who highlighted about the District and Zines and the status of Rac Manipal in the diatrict . It was a great day to be remembered for.

Additional Photos

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