Rastriya Dhaka Topi Diwas 2019 - RAC Manipal College of Medical Sciences

2075-9-17 / 2019-01-01  |  
Venue : Manipal Teaching Hospital and Deep Campus MCOMS


Discuss regarding the importanceof our culture and the Dhaka Topi.

हाम्रो टोपी हाम्रो शान नेपालीको पहिचान
सन्दर्भ : राष्ट्रिय  टोपी दिवस 



All the Rotaractors participating in the event.

Project Detail

The program commenced at 10.15 am at Manipal Teaching Hospital. Initially we discussed about the importance of Dhaka Topi. 

Today all the rotaractors wore the Nepali Dhaka Topi and highlighted the unity and nationality hidden among the future doctors. And then a group photo was taken.


Similarly at Deep Campus the same  program was done among the three Batchmates. This day proved of great fellowship highlighting the importance of culture and traditions plus a sense of consciousness among the future doctors regarding the tradition.

Additional Photos

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