A Gift of Warmth: Blanket and Food Distribution - RAC Yala

2075-9-16 / 2018-12-31  |  
Venue : Pashupati-Tilganga-Bhadrakali-Lagankhel-Mangalbazar


To distribute blankets, food and water to homeless


Homeless people

Project Detail

As the name suggests, this is A Gift of Warmth to the homeless people around the Kathmandu Valley who were provided with the blankets as a basic night time comfort to keep them warm in the cold chilly night. For the execution of this project 4 members went for a research to find out in which areas homeless people slept two weeks prior.

The Blankets, food and water distribution was conducted on 31st December 2018. We all gathered at 7pm; packed the blankets, made food packets and commenced our journey of Pashupati-Tilganga-Bhadrakali-Lagankhel-Mangalbazar at 8:30pm.

This project was initiated to help the ones in need and make them better equipped to combat the harsh winter. In conducting such community service projects we the participants come across with the reality that there are people with far less opportunity and privileges than we do and so we must give back as much as we can to make their lives a bit more better and be grateful to what we have.

The events consisted of 3 members, 2 proposed members, 2 guests and our Charter President. We were able to locate 25 individuals in need and the satisfaction gained from the project is immense.

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