Nepali Topi Diwas 2019 - RAC Butwal South

Jointly With - 13 Rotaract club AND Other Organization

2075-9-17 / 2019-01-01  |  
Venue : Butwal Trade Fair 2075 "Industrial Exhibition"


promoting peace and culture  and connecting with society through the symbol of pride "Topi"



Roaractors, Rotarains, Local People as well as Nepali people who live abroad.

Project Detail

The 6th International Nepali Topi Day was celebrated nation-wide by the Rotaractors on January 1st, 2019 with the slogan "मेरो ढाका टोपि मेरो गौरव मेरो पहिचान"". The celebration was initiated by Rotaract Club of Butwal South. More than 30 Rotaract Clubs from the Zone XI & Zone XII as well as other organizations collaborated in the event. Dhaka topi, being the symbol of Nepali identity, pride and honor, signifies the national identity regardless of differences in religious and political beliefs, and puts us together as the Nepali. 

The event was attended by 50 Rotaractors and 4 Rotarians. The live event was watched by more than two thousand people. This event was also covered by Lumbini Television. The program was hosted by Rtr.Yuvraj Banjade.The Program was started on the chairing of President Rtr Prakash Kharel, Butwal SubMetropolitian City ViceMayor Goma Devi Acharya as a Chief Guest ,Rotary International Zone 20 Assistant Governor Rtn Rajendra Dhakal as a Special Guest ,Rotaract District 3292 Community Service Director Rtr Bikram Chettri ,Zone 12 ZRR Rtr Ramesh Nepal ,Rupendehi Chamber of Commerce Chairman Padam Shrestha, Tradiatinal Cordinator Rishiram Aryal as a Guest .
We appreciate the organizing committee of 15th National Industrial Exhibition who gave us this huge platform for our program. We also thank Rtr Suresh Bhandari (President of RAC Rupendehi ),Rtr . Nabin Thapa (President of RAC Tilottama Rupendehi ), Rtr. Rahul Kasaudhan (President of RAC Central Butwal ), Rtr. Suraj Thapa (President of RAC Sainamaina), Rtr. Prakash Parajuli (President of RAC Tinau City ), Rtr. Dinesh Gayawali (President of Lumbini Banijya Campus ),Rtr. Ganesh Sapkota (President of RAC Tilottama Devdha), Rtr. Ramesh Tiwari (President of RAC Manipal College of Medical Science),Rtr Ishwor Bhattarai (President of RAC Lumbini Siddharthanagar),Rtr Akriti Bajracharya (President of Kshitiz International College ) Rtr Radhika Poudel (President of RAC Durbarmargh ), Rtr Rupesh Sharma ( President of RAC Tulsipur ), Rtr Aastha Pandey (President of RAC Tinau Butwal),Rtr Sunil Gaire (President of RAC Kapilvastu ,Rtr Sudhikshya Shrestha (President of RAC Dhulikhel . We are also thankful to Rtr. Hitlash Acharya for the photography and Rtr.Ananta Agrahari and his Sub coordinator Rtr Anish Shakya for coordinating the event. Finally, we thank Rtr. Prakash Kharel (President of Butwal South ) for effective leaders

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