Dashain card exchange - RAC Kathmandu Mid Town

Jointly With - Rotaract club of Hindustan University, Chennai, India 3232.

2075-7-1 / 2018-10-18  |  
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To share greetings and blessings on the occasion on very special festival.


International club  

Project Detail

ashain greeting card along with description was sent to the Rotaract club of Hindustan University, Chennai, India 3232.

Dashain is the longest and the most auspicious festival celebrated by Nepalese people. The goddess Durga and her various manifestations are especially worshiped by Hindu throughout Kathmandu Valley.

It is also celebrated with slight differences and interpretations in various part of India, with each nine days Navaratri leading up to the 10th day called 'Dashami'.

Rotaract club of Hindustan University send us greetings and along with the information on how the ninth day of Navaratri is celebrated. On the ninth day of the festival Ayudha Puja (also called Astra Puja) is celebrated, it means “Worship of Instruments”. Especially weapons and tools are worshipped.

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