club orientation - RAC Madhyapur

2075-8-22 / 2018-12-08  |  
Venue : Meeting Venue


To provide information of the club to the new members.


all the new members

Project Detail

New member orientation and management is one of the prime duties of Club Service Committee. On 8th December 2018, the new member orientation program was held. There was considerable number of new members in this year in the club so, there was a must need for the orientation program to be held. As a member of Rotaract, each member should know about the detail of the club like Rotaract history, Rotaract administration and Rotaract duties and opportunities. So, in this day all the new members were orientated by the Assistant District Leadership Trainee Rtr. Aashib Karmacharya. He talked about rotary international, rotaract, rotaract district, rotaract zone and ViMOSA. The Club President of RAC Madhayapur Rtr. Ravi Prajapati presented about the history of RAC Madhyapur and his vision and objectives of the tenure. He also dealt in the field of opportunites in the Rotaract community and the achievement of RAC Madhyapur. Assistant District Leadership Trainee Rtr. Aashib Karmacharya also presented the various rotaract meetings and their procedure and importance. Then there was the presentation of all the avenues of RAC Madhyapur.(Professional Development Avenue by Rtr. Ravi Prajapati, International Service Avenue by Rtr. Neha Chakradhar, Club Service Avenue by Rtr. Sajan Shrestha, Community Service Avenue by Rtr. Niresh Shrestha and IT committee by Rtr. Monica Kawadi.) There was also some special speech by the past presidents of RAC Madhyapur Rtr. Bigyan Prajapati, Rtr. Gynish Thapa Shrestha and Rtr. Abhishek Buda Shrestha. Beside of these, there were also some interesting games played by Rtr. Aashib Karmacharya and Rt. Bigyan Prajapati which had some great teaching to be learned.

At last, all the new members seemed to gained lots of knowledge about the Rotaract community from this program.

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