Tihar Greeting Exchange Program - RAC Budhanilkantha

Jointly With - Rotary Club of Budhanilkantha, Budhanilkantha Yuwa Club

2075-7-19 / 2018-11-05  |  
Venue : Budhanilkantha Temple Premises


Organized on the occasion of Tihar 2018 as a fellowship and networking activity.


- People around Budhanilkantha Temple

- Rotarians and Rotaractors

- Local organizations

Project Detail

The event was on the first day of Tihar i.e. “Kag Tihar”; the day when people worships crows.
The event was done in the parking area of the temple. The event started at 4pm after setting up
the stage and necessary equipments on their respected places. The chief guest was the president
of Budhanilkantha Committee. There were four cultural dance and 3 singing performances. The
event was hosted by the president of Budhanilkantha Yuwa club.

Meanwhile, tea was served to all the public people whose valuable presence made the event a success. Also, an informative stall about Rotary and Rotaract clubs was there to aware people about the existing clubs. Finally, IPP of Rac Budhanilkantha gave a short introduction and information about Rac Budhanilkantha along with vote-of-thanks to everyone present there. And like that, the event ended at 6pm.

Thus, in that very manner Rac Budhanilkantha successfully hosted the event with partnering
clubs. The club was benefited in multiple ways; local networking, connection, fellowship, public
visibility and recognition and curious & inspired youths for the club.

Events like this require people from various clubs or organizations to have networking and
fellowship, the more the merrier. Active and hardworking are some of the must have characters
of any participating rotaractors or volunteers.

Additional Photos

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