Rota Fellow_Fund, Deusi–Bhailo Programme 2018 - RAC Budhanilkantha

Jointly With - Wasiku Club

2075-8-1 / 2018-11-17  |  
Venue : Budhanilkantha Area


Upgrade fellowship among participants. Raise fund for various Rotaract projects.


- Rotarians/Rotaractors

- Participants of the programme

Project Detail

After practising for over a week in the Bal Bikas School event hall, the rotaractors and partners for the event were able to perform energetically at the premises of various Rotarians' homes. With the help for music system provided by Rotarian Kanchan Lama, and rest of the instruments managed by the Rotaractors and fellow participants, the Deausi Bhailo programme was smooth and entertaining. Rotarians welcomed us at their home with Tihar delicacies including tea, selroti and refreshing drinks.  

There were a total of six dance performances which included traditional Nepali dance forms as well as bollywood songs. A series of pop-Nepali songs were sung with the guitar. All the Rotaractors were present in their traditional cultural dresses or the national dress. Starting from 4 pm, the event extended upto 10:30 pm, including a lot of sharing of laughter, joy and support. 

The programme ended with the remarks of every participant about their experices about the event. Interests about the Rotaract club was instilled upon the non-Rotaractor participants and everyone went back home with lots of joy. 



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