Rota-Scout Adventure Camp - RAC Budhanilkantha

Jointly With - Dynamic Scout Unit

2075-6-26 / 2018-10-12  |  
Venue : Kakani, Nuwakot


Building up fellowship between two social organizations: Rotaract club of Budhanilkantha and Dynamic Scout Unit. Signing of MoU between the organizations Enhance adventurous scout events participation


All the participants Nepal Scout


Project Detail

The Event was planned to experience adventurous environment of Scout with the Rotaract fellow mates. The MoU was signed between two clubs for the next 5 years such that both the organizations will support each other in the time of need.

The event gave a new adventure experience to most of the participants and encouraged the participants on other adventure camps to participate. The participants of the event who generally had a busy life schedule got some refreshments and a worthwhile memorable time in a beautiful natural setting.

This event even helped the participants to know the importance of each other's work environment and helped individuals to survive in life threatening situations.


1. Opening ceremony:
Usually scout start their event by performing different rituals. So, as being a part of scout camp we also joined the inauguration, which consist of the National anthem, flag up ceremony (also known as jhanda yutolan in nepali) an introduction of participants.

2. Ice breaking session:
There were people outside from the both organization. So in order to bring the closeness among the participants, ice breaking session was done. Name giving session was done to in the ice breaking session.

3. Team Games:
Team games were played between rotaracts and scouts to enhance fellowship. Games like blind snake were played.

4. Back’s Man cooking
Back’s Man cooking is cooking done in the fire it self with no utensils.

5. Orientation of Both organizations
Information between two organizations were exchanged.

6. Night blindness
It is an outdoor activity done at some place near by the camp. Some ropes were tied in the trees and we had to find out path just following the ropes, while performing the whole task being blindfolded. Ususally sun blindness is done at day time. But if the same thing is done at night time, it is called nightblindness.

7. Camp Fire
Camp fire is the most interesting and fun part of the camping. Camp fire is done one night before leaving the camp. Dancing, singing, showing talents,etc in the camp fire was enjoyed by the participants. Basically, we had a lot of fun.

Day 2

1. BP Exercise
Bp exercise consists of 6 exercises which beneficial for our whole body. Exercise 1 deals with the head, exercise 2 deals with the chest, exercise 3 deals with the stomach, exercise 4 deals with the trunk, exercise 5 deals with the lower body and back of the legs like wise the last exercise, exercise 6 deals with the legs,feet & toes.

2. Short Hike
After BP exercise we went for a short hike. Basically, we went back to our camp site.

3. Scouts’ Own
Scouts Own service is usually short, often lasting no longer than 15 minutes. They are made up of a mixture of readings, prayers, reflections and music. Many Scouts Owns are based on a particular theme, such as friendship, using resources wisely, or fairness. This might be connected to a certain event or occasion.

4. Meditation Session
Meditation is a practice where an individual uses a technique, such as focusing their mind on a particular object, thought or activity, to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state. So this session was must, so the we could be relieved from stress we have been going through out life.

5. Adventure Activities
Adventure activities like omega jump, swing, Rock climbing and abbselling were done.

i. Omega Jump
ii. Swing
Like as in normal swings in a park or in a school we swing in the swing. But this wasn’t any normal one. The ropes of the swing weren’t tided at steel/bamboo rod, but were tided at the top of two tall trees and we swing the swing for a height of 9-10 feet (approx). This activity have been performed second time in Nepal.
iii. Rock climbing, abseiling

6. Soviner Exchange
As a soviner, we as in Dynamic Scout Crew and RAC Budanilkantha exchanged token of love.

7. Signing MoU
Memorandum of understanding has been signed between Rac Budhanilkantha and Dynamic Scouts Crew for the first time in the history of rotaract 3292 and Nepal scouts.

8. Closing Ceremony

9. Tree Plantation

Additional Photos

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