Mr. And Ms. Rotaract 2019 Season 2.0 - RAC Pokhara

Jointly With - Zone IV Clubs and 3292 District

2075-10-12 / 2019-01-26  |  
Venue : Cloud 9 Restaurant,Chipledhunga


To select Mr. and Ms. Rotaract among rotaractors who shalll be the ambassadorial faces of Rotaract Nepal.



Project Detail

The audition for Mr. and Ms. Rotaract Season 2.0 were held in 5 cities and in context of Pokhara, RAC Newroad Pokhara was the regional host.The program was held at Cloud 9 restaurant ,Chipledhunga.The event was an exciting mix of Rotaract activity ,talent ,intellectual dicussions ,fellowship and many more.

Five members namely Rtr. Nirmala Subedi,Rtr. Yosodha Dhakal,Rtr.Akash Gurung,Rtr. Sagar Babu K.C and Rtr. Rostika Sapkota  from RAC Pokhara particiapted in the event . All the participants expressed that it provided a some sorts of direction in facing the interview and added confidience to their personality .

Additional Photos

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