Khaja And Water Filter Distribution Program - RAC Pokhara

2075-10-13 / 2019-01-27  |  
Venue : Shree Maitri Bhumi Jana Prakash Basic School,Kaskikot


Community Service Providing better khaja to the students of the school Providing a pure source of drinking water


Students ,Teachers and Society 

Project Detail

We RAC Pokhara with  Coordination of Rtr. Amrit Subedi sucessfully completed the Khaja and water filter distribution program in Shree Maitri Bhumi Jana Prakash Basic School,Kaskikot .Rtr. Amrit Subedi managed the fund for the project from his friend Sadikshya Thapa Magar .Apart from this RAC Pokhara added the addition fund and provided a pair of Water Filter Set to the School so that students can drink pure drinking water .


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