Twinship & Letterhead Exchange With Rac Jawalakhel Majushree - RAC Kakarvita

Jointly With - Jawalakhel Majushree

2075-10-14 / 2019-01-28  |  
Venue : Rac Kakarvitta Office


To do project jointly and fellow the projects as illustrated in the MOU.
To open a gateway for an everlasting relationship between both the clubs.


Rotaractors of both clubs.

Project Detail

To strengthen the bond of friendship and to act upon the motto of rotaract.Rotarct club of Kakarvitta has twinship relationship with RAC Jawalakhel Manjushree from the zone VIII.Witness were the zonal rotaract representative of zone I and Sponsor Rotary Club of Kakarvitta Secretary.We also had a letterhead exchange with RAC Jawalakhel Manjushree by the president of both clubs. We entire team of RAC Kakarvitta would like to thank  entire team of RAC Jawalakhel Manjushree for the Support.

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