Debate Competition - RAC Chitwan

Jointly With - Rotary Club of Chitwan, Interact Club of Balkumari Secondary School

2075-10-25 / 2019-02-08  |  
Venue : Balkumari Secondary School, Narayangarh


-To provide a significant training ground for the development of students’ communicative abilities.
- To provide opportunities for students to practice and share their skills development.
-To create learning situations in which students develop proficiencies based on sound educational and communication theories.
- To provide judges who will make judgments based on educational objectives and offer a critique which help students achieve them.


-To understand and communicate various forms of arguments effectively in a variety of contexts.
- To conduct researches using multiple sources to support a position in a debate.
- To generate effective critical thinking into primary issues in a given topic.
- to meet and interact with students from other schools in the context of a social and intellectual activity.
- To realize the simultaneous opportunities for leadership and group participation.
- To participate effectively in situations where decisions must be made.

Project Detail

-Total 70 Students are Participated by this program.

- 11 students are participated by this competition.

-Rotary club of chitwan, Interact club of balkumari secondary school jointly organized by this program.

-1st Position of skyrider school Ms. Kalyani Pokhrel.

2nd Position of Balmiki school Ms. Sadhana Poudel.

3rd Position of Skyrider school Ms. Aarya Regmi.

4th Position of Moonlight School Ms. Saru Dawadi.

Additional Photos

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