Exchanging Article with Rotaract Club of Lasucom - RAC Kathmandu University Medical School

Jointly With - Rotaract Club of LASUCOM

2075-10-22 / 2019-02-05  |  
Venue : Dhulikhel, Nepal - Lagos, Nigeria


To extend fellowship with Rotaract Club of LASUCOM, Nigeria.

Promote the writing skills of the members of both clubs.


Project Detail

Rotaract Club of LASUCOM, Nigeria R.I district 9110  and Rotaract Club of KUMS, Nepal R.I district 3292 conducted a exchange of article program.

On 5th February 2019 the articles from RAC KUMS were published in the RAC LASUCOM's official magazine 'THE STETHOSCOPE: Inspiring Health awareness in Communities".

The articles from the members of RAC LASUCOM were also published in the KUSMS's annual magazine "The GRAFFITI".


Additional Photos

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