Official ZRR'S visit and 2nd club assembly - RAC Gorkha

2075-11-9 / 2019-02-21  |  
Venue : Club office


Official ZRR'S visit and 2nd club assembly


Club and Clum members

Project Detail

We welcome our ZRR at 5:30 P.M. at our Rotaract club office.After welcoming ZRR we started the official ZRR visit with our regular meeting . We asked the time of 2:00 hrs to our SAA. and the directors,secretary and treasurer  presented their reports & ZRR pointed our faults and guideline us for correction.  After the complition of reports submit, ZRR gave his valuable motivational speech with his expereince in rotaract movement then after our past president /DRC member Rtr. Suraj Shrestha also give guildeline to us. Rtr. Suraj Shrestha told us  "How to make Rotaract Gorkha one of the best club "  and in the end of the program president gave token of love to ZRR,DRC member, past president  and meeting was adjourned.....

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