Wishing video Rotaract Club of A'ley, Lebanon - RAC Durbarmarg

2075-9-10 / 2018-12-25  |  
Venue : Presidential Business School, Thapagaun


Appreciation and wishing fellow international Rotaractors


Project Detail

The project was initiated by Rotaract Club of A’ley, Lebanon. Rtr. Nagham Amer approached me with the project. It was initiated to create an international video for Christmas and New Year and wishing the club Rotaract Club of A'ley (Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in their language i.e. in Arabic. And also the Rotaract Club of Aley will wish the club in their native language and compile all the video and share in their official page.

We shared the wishing video. Our club members wished them in Arabic and they wished us in Nepali. It was fun as well as an opportunity to learn to wish in Arabic.

In the Arabic Language: Milad mashit wa am sa’eed Rotaract Club of A’ley.

Link for the wishing video: https://youtu.be/cHIXicCZJ0s

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